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Planning a unique wedding?

Make it uniquely you!

Weddings with Karen

I have loving more than writing bespoke meaningful treasured ceremonies. Ones that bring a tear to nans eye or a chuffed to bits grin of your parents face or even a cheer or giggle or to from the guests.

Ideas to make it uniquely you

I am here to write the ceremony that you want, in the way that you want it as you could include a candle, sand or even flowers the possibilities are endless or you could even suggest your own unique ceremony that nobody had thought of before .

For the initial hellos we will get right down to business at hand, creating your ceremony, I will be on hand to guide you every way.

From the consultation to the questionnaire I am here for you.

From reading to poems we could go down the traditional route with vows and commitments or for the more adventurous we could have something completely different such as quoting your favourite film as vows or you could sing to each other its up to you.

Even down to on the day itself I liase with your venue and planner to ensure your day is all that you dreamed off.